Friday, February 11, 2011

Mulling Over My Mulberry

I absolutely love this Mulberry tote. I bought it over a year ago. The shape was perfect for work and I could carry my whole life with me (ballet slippers, newspapers, cosmetic bag, laptop, etc.) However, because I did not read the card that came with the bag careful enough, I did not conceive how delicate the leather is and therefore, did not treat it accordingly.

You see, this bag crossed continents, went from West Side to East day after day in the summer heat, sat on benches, ledges, and any other small semi-dirt free spot you can manage to find in this city. Now my beloved tote is breaking at the piping. There's sad streaks and stains across the (once) cream-colored (still) buttery leather. 

But when you love something you don't just throw it out, especially a 4 figure something. About five blocks away from my apartment is a leather repair shop. I was told that they think they can fully restore the tote, but can't make any promises since the bag is so light. They also said that it's not going to be cheap. Should I invest any more money into this bag and try to save it or walk away from it as a lesson learned? What would you do?

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