Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Atlantis Dry Goods

I ordered this vintage modernist choker off of Atlantis Dry Goods, the e-commerce shop launched by designer Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home fame. I've been looking for a heavy duty yet elegant necklace such as this one for quite some time. Did I tell you I was under the weather? The gold metal links are just what the doctor prescribed. 

image via atlantisdrygoods.com

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stella McCartney... sneak peek

Finally wearing my peplum top by Stella today. Been safely tucked away in its box waiting for its moment to arrive.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces

While I was home for the holiday, I spent some time in my room at my parent's house. It is interesting to see where it all begins... the things that become important to you. From an early age fashion was my escape. The first piece of designer I ever bought for myself was a Hermes Twilly scarf and my closet proved to like that acquaintance very much; I continue to carefully curate all of them. Eventually, I will take pieces of my collection, inherited custom jewelry, the ubiquitous stack of Vogues, my vintage chandelier, and the upholstered floral chair at my desk with me. New memorabilia has been added over the years: such as my first invitation to a private fashion party, a piece of artwork (wooden canvas) purchased on a whim in Soho because it matched the color of my walls, and a few vases of dried hydrangeas that my grandfather once picked for me. What are you sentimental about?

Friday, November 26, 2010

People Who Live in Fashion Houses Shouldn't Underdress

All images via net-a-porter.com's online magazine - "rock & romance" story

Vogue's Best Dressed of the Year Choice - 11/16

Where one had a miss, the other had a hit: this year, for me, Marion Cottillard and Alexa Chung represented the best of both worlds. I applaud both women for their endless pursuit of taking the chance. 

Check out the other nominees and vote for your favorite.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankfully Yours

To my readers in the USA, I hope you spend today surrounded by those you care about most. I headed home to the north shore to see my family for Thanksgiving. It may sound silly to express thanks for fashion, but we should. There are so many diverse stylists and clothes horses around the world who wake up each morning and show their appreciation for fashion through personal style; I am thankful to all of the bloggers who let me into their world day after day with a snapshot, and for those who take an interest in a small part of mine. xx, Mari

I'm thankful for suede skirts!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A few of the big ticket items and looks I'm eyeing for spring:

clean lines and silver details
a clutch pouch in smooth lambskin

large sunglasses taupe
large sunglasses in black

She Walked in Muted Shades

via stockholm-streetstyle.com

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Shirt Off My Back

Suede button-up by Joseph

Corduroy button-up by James Perse

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Delectable Eclectibles

It's here! The delectable How to Spend It "Christmas Unwrapped" edition. I rushed to my local news stand hoping this would be the day of it's arrival. Inside is a wonderful feature on Manolo Blahnik talking aesthetics as well. This is just the beginning of the Financial Times' annual, seasonal tackle of the Christmas list. Even if I (or perhaps, you) can't include all of the must-haves on my own list, it's about receiving joy from the spirit of the idea. I must say, that Etro metal belt is a walking ornament in its own right. I hope you are inspired.

This week's must-haves for her include:

1. Celine leather and ponyskin bag
2. Elyse Allen Textiles cashmere studded shawl
3. Etro metal belt (in love!)
4. Montblanc Patron of Art Elizabeth I fountain pen
5. Sony T99 digital compact camera
6. Ice London Princess business card holder with Swarovski elements
7. Chopard rose gold Imperiale Chronograph (salivating over this)
8. Agent Provocateur Soiree silk and lace Yasmina bra and briefs
9. Mawi gold plate and Swarovski crystal beetle brooch (more beetlemania for you fans)
10. Pomellato rose gold Bahia ring
11. Aaronson Noon glass Jewel perfume bottle

Working off the list...

more Etro belts

Love this corset from AP Classic collection
Jet Triple Cluster necklace from Mawi's Dynasty Collection - only 455 Euro! it looks way more

Friday, November 19, 2010


Just got back from one of my favorite Gastropubs in the village. Wore my obnoxious Burberry Prorsum perspex ring. Because it limits your dexterity to only drinking for the most part, it proved to be the ideal accompaniment to my pint of Belhaven. The grittiness of the streets always inspire the way I dress when I head downtown, a nice departure from my usual dress code, which revolves around the area I spend most of my time in because of work and where I live. Hitting my pillow in 3...2...1

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had some time to check out Google's newest venture: Boutiques. The "inspired by my style" technology hasn't impressed me at all yet (I loathe a lot of the suggestions they make for me and those who choose to follow my boutique), perhaps with more use and the more you put into the site, the more you get out of it. A lot of the items that you click to purchase aren't even available, which you find out once you follow the link to the retailer. And the suggestions that are available to you appear to be a bit of a mishmosh. These are just a few of many kinks I am sure they will work out. Check out some of my favorites from my boutique below:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Click Submit Order

Fantastic Yves Saint Laurent tweed metallic gold and black clutch... by now, you know that my heart is weak for YSL.

Sergio Rossi T-strap. The colors read so imperial eastern Europe to me.

Dion Lee, who I feel will quickly become a new favorite. The sleek cuts on this blouse demonstrate his cool Australian aesthetic.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coordinating Color

No one likes matchy matchy, though I do prefer a hint of coordination in an outfit - organized chaos is even better. I love that my nails matched my bag just perfectly today. And onto more things Chanel, I was answering emails when their newsletter dropped into my inbox. There's a coral-pinkish lipstick (almost orange meets fuchsia) inspired by the shades of Saint-Tropez that I must get my hands on. Now, if only I can find a spring bag equal in color to this lipstick.

Perhaps one of the following will do:
Burak Uyan shoulder bag (spring collection)

Marc Jacobs clutch (spring collection)
Chloe shoulder bag  (spring collection)
Kotur evening bag

...I have plenty of time to ruminate.

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