Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces

While I was home for the holiday, I spent some time in my room at my parent's house. It is interesting to see where it all begins... the things that become important to you. From an early age fashion was my escape. The first piece of designer I ever bought for myself was a Hermes Twilly scarf and my closet proved to like that acquaintance very much; I continue to carefully curate all of them. Eventually, I will take pieces of my collection, inherited custom jewelry, the ubiquitous stack of Vogues, my vintage chandelier, and the upholstered floral chair at my desk with me. New memorabilia has been added over the years: such as my first invitation to a private fashion party, a piece of artwork (wooden canvas) purchased on a whim in Soho because it matched the color of my walls, and a few vases of dried hydrangeas that my grandfather once picked for me. What are you sentimental about?

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