Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ring Me

I love me some YSL, but I find the "Arty" rings fashion bloggers worldwide can't seem to stop salivating over to be, frankly, ugly. If you happen to be wearing the ring, my apologies. For an alternative, Dominic Jones's jewelry line has a lot of personality; something for every type of woman. I have just purchased the cage ring below (22-karat rose gold-plated). I like its simplicity. It is priced at $370 USD, which I think is quite fair. His beetles go for a bit more. I'm not into the whole animal movement, but a good majority of the fashion community seems to be in the midst of a bit of beetlemania , so I've included some shots of those rings as well. Lastly, there are also some bear trap stud earrings that create a heart effect.

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