Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dishing It

Even though I assured myself that I wasn't going to buy a pair of new wedges this summer, I succumbed. My mind got carried away thinking about all the upcoming hot and sticky days where I'd end up cursing at the sky for not buying a comfortable shoe to walk around the city, that would also work on weekends outside the city - a no fuss shoe. 

I experienced difficulty finding a pair of wedges that fit my personal style for the low budget price I was after. Have you noticed that so many shoes these days are too ornate? I need my ornate shoes and then I need my basic shoes. Major shoe chains tend to think that if they add a buckle, a flower, or a cut-out here or there or everywhere, that will give the shoe high-fashion appeal. But it doesn't look good at all. When I want high fashion I buy high fashion. When I need a basic shoe, I don't want a sorry attempt at a designer's creation - no knock-offs! 

I found the best quality I could for under 200 dollars without all those heinous bells and whistles. They are simple and made in Italy. Now I just hope they fit.

PS. How gorgeous are the teacup and saucers above? They were featured yesterday on Vogue and are available for pre-order at wedgwood.com

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