Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your closet can be a pretty daunting task. A lot of time and effort is required in order to do it properly. I've slowly begun reorganizing my closet for the season. Last week I started sifting through the things I plan on donating and putting winter accessories into boxes - where those boxes will go is something I don't want to deal with at the moment! I've managed to clear out 1/4th of my top shelf (as seen in the photo above). I think there's possibility for growth and development in my closet organization skills, but overall it's looking alright so far, don't you think?

I received a newsletter from GOOP last night sharing some closet tips that I want to pass onto you:
  1. Match separates into like items: shirts with shirts, and dresses with dresses, etc. 
  2. Define those categories further: long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts, 3/4 length dresses together, long dresses together and so on and so on. Or, if your mind works differently, evening as its own section. Whichever way you categorize the sections- or find it easy for yourself to stay organized-make sure to create subsections of these sections.
  3. Another trick is to color code your clothes. Organize garments light to dark, left to right (a visual merchandising trick of the trade!)
  4. Always use the same hanger! In the same color!
Note: I obviously haven't reached closet guru level because my hangers are not all the same :( Though the hangers in my walk-in closet in my family's home match... does that count? 

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