Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burberry, And The Hybrid Jacket

Tight black pants and short leather jackets that are almost a bomber trench hybrid (made up the term but it feels appropriate), fitted with shades of blue-green and green-lime belts make for a young, sleek and powerful silhouette at Burberry. I'm really into the structured neutrals with pops of color brought into the look by accessories. But unfortunately, the end of the show started to tread into unwearable -not functional for the every day- and I like Burberry because of its utility factor. I never liked spikes, and I certainly don't like them in this collection either. The following is what I am gushing over (I almost wish I could wear this right now, forget waiting for spring!):

Burberry Spring 2011
Photos: Getty Images
The soft straight hair and middle part complete the look. I'd really enjoy reading your thoughts!

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