Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rain, Flan, and Plaza Athénée

One of the most frustrating experiences, in my opinion, is when you need to find just the right outfit. Getting dressed should always be fun, but something that brings me little joy - and I'm sure those of you as well - is when I must find that perfect outfit when it's a rainy night. Rainy nights are the worst, especially in the middle of changing seasons. One minute it's warm and the next it's chilly - the clouds seem to hold up and then they break. I'm slowly mastering the art of dressing for the rain. Last night, I had a wonderful evening at Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle - listening to piano music (seriously one of the city's best haunts) and shortly after, was driven over to the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, where I had a delicious dinner (and Thai coconut flan!) at Arabelle Restaurant. You can always expect first class service there; and I don't mean just "good" service, but waiters who are old school in their willingness to please the diner. It was truly one of my most memorable nights on the town. 

But back to the outfit... I decided on a camel shift dress that falls just below the knee, paired with a black belt to cinch the waist, and black knee-hight boots with a modest 3-inch heel. I also carried a black silk cardigan and my new favorite wallet by Yves Saint Laurent (well, I was at a French restaurant!), that I often use as a clutch because it's such a beautiful statement piece on its own. I hate merely leaving it in the depths of my bag, never to see the light - the world should see it!

What are some of your best rain solutions?

Arabelle Restaurant

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