Thursday, October 14, 2010

Afternoon At Ann's Loft

Last Thursday, before I left NYC to catch my flight, I was passing by Ann Taylor Loft (I had never been before). I decided I needed a nice no-fuss camel sweater and figured this would be the place I could find such sweater. I quickly forgot about the sweater when I noticed a huge '40% of all shoes' sign at the very back of the store. Now, I usually spend quite a lot on shoes. I don't know the last time I bought a pair of shoes on sale even. And while I was trying on shoes, I quickly remembered the thrill of buying something under the retail price. I felt it. What a rush! I was quickly drawn to these boots, that my friends would say, "aren't very you." They reminded me of the Burberry shearling boots that I wish I could buy (mind you, without the shearling and without all the Burberryness), but still, quite nice. They looked much better on my feet than on the shelf, and when I was walking around, modeling for the mirror, all of a sudden... ah ha! I felt all London girl-cool. I rarely feel London. Paris, yes, Milan, yes, London... not that often. And it was the most amazing feeling, so much so, that I bought the boots and then I bought another pair of shoes. 

Two pairs of shoes for just over $100... I couldn't believe it.

I asked the retail manager, "Is this a trick of some sort? How is it that there's a Fall sale so soon?!"

"I know," she said, "but because of all this warm weather we were having during September, no one was coming in to buy winter clothing. Today is the first day of the sale, actually."

"You don't understand...," I told her, "there are NEVER shoes left in my size - let alone on sale!"

It was a really great afternoon in New York.

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