Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Return of De Havilland

Kind of obsessed with these shoes (Lola heel in pewter honeycomb).
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The following excerpt on designer Terry de Havilland comes from the Financial Times' magazine how to spend it, Dominic Lutyens writes:

"Despite a slight career hiatus, de Havilland has recently enjoyed a comeback as glorious as that of contemporaneous groovers and shakers Barbara Hulanicki and Celia Birtwell. It couldn't be more timely: Marc Jacobs' spring/summer 2011 collection - wide-brimmed hats, hot pants, flowing, off-the-shoulder dresses - harks back to Jodie Foster in the movie Taxi Driver and late-1970s Yves Saint Laurent. 

De Havilland's two archetypal styles are his Margaux wedge and dagger-heel stilettos. He can create endless permutations of these if you contact him via the website for his couture service, which offers shoes made of suedes, leathers, snakeskins and satins in myriad colours and finishes. Fans include Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole."
Dagger-heel love.

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